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Le Chouette recommande le livre Affluenza - The All-Consuming Epidemic - de John De Graaf, David Wann, Thomas H. Naylor.Les auteurs y présentent et y analysent les causes et conséquence de l'ultra-consumérisme à l'américaine. Et proposent des solutions.

''In 1951, we sat together with the neighbors, laughing at Red Skelton. In 1985, we still watched Family Ties as a family. But by 1995, each member of the family often watched his or her own TV as isolation and passivity became a way of life. What began as a quest for the good life in the suburbs degenerated into private consumption splurges that separated one neighbor from another, and one family member from another. We began to feel lost in our own neighborhoods. Huge retailers took advantage of the confusion, expanding to meet our demands for cheap underwear, hardware, and software. The more we chased bargains and the paychecks that bought them, the more vitality slipped away from our towns. Now, if we want to experience Main Street - the way it was in the good old days - we travel to Disneyworld, to a faux community where smiling shopkeepers, the slow pace, and the quaintness remind us that our real communities were once close-knit and friendly.''

Et voici un lien intéressant: Sur le phénomène de l'affluenza.

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